Is this a franchise?

No, this is the only one.


How many children have played at the Clubhouse?

In our first four years, we have had over 20,000 different friends come and play with us!


How many parties have you hosted?

In our first four years, we have hosted over 1100 parties!


Why do I need to remove my shoes and wear socks if I am not going in the equipment?

We ask everyone to remove their shoes in order to keep the floors clean and dry.  Please remember that we have lots of toddlers and babies crawling on our floors who then put their hands in their mouths, and the bottoms of your shoes pick up all kinds of nasty things from outside.


Why can’t my child play if they are older than ten?

Our age cut-off is based on the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.  We understand that your child might be small for their age, but if we allow your eleven-year-old to play, it’s not fair to someone else’s eleven-year-old.  We will allow an older child in the equipment if they are helping a toddler.


Can I go in the equipment with my child?

We allow adults in the equipment to help a toddler or child with special needs.


I have a two year old.  Is there something there for them to do?

We have a play area for children aged two and under, but most of them will want to go into the bigger equipment too.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do.


Do you host field trips?

Yes, we do them for school groups, special education classes, daycares, play groups, scout troops, etc.  Please call to reserve your day and time.


Do you give a group discount?

Yes, we do for groups of ten or more children with an advanced reservation.


Do you sell food?

Yes, we have a snack bar with kid-friendly foods.


Can I bring in my own food?

No, we do not allow outside food.


Can I bring in my own food if my child has severe allergies?

If this is the case, please call and talk to us.  We have tried to carry products that are low allergy risks, and we’re more than happy to let you look at the ingredient lists.  We do not cook in peanut oil.


Do you offer smaller birthday packages for fewer children?

Sorry, but we don’t.  We used to, but we experienced an overwhelming amount of parents trying to take advantage of us, and we had to stop offering the smaller package.


Can’t I just bring my child and their friends there for a birthday without booking a party?

Yes, you can do that, but please keep in mind that we don’t allow outside food including a cake unless you’ve booked a party with us.   We also won’t allow you to use the party area, and we cannot reserve tables for your use.


Do you charge for adults with parties?



How many children can you accommodate for a party?

Our party area will hold up to 32 children.


Can I have a private party?

We do not offer private parties.


Can I bring a piñata?

No piñatas please.


Do you have free wi-fi?

We offer free Wi-Fi to all visitors to the clubhouse.