The above chart should be used for pricing our drop-off service. Prices for multiple children are for siblings only. Please ask for a price for additional children.



  1. A separate emergency form must be filled out for each child. This service is for a maximum time of three hours. If you are late picking up your child, you will be charged $1.00 per minute for every minute after the three hours — no exceptions!
  2. A $25 cash deposit or credit card hold must be paid before we will keep your child. You will receive a refund or credit for the difference when you pick up your child.
  3. The service is for children aged four to ten only.
  4. All children must be potty trained. At no time may an employee assist your child in the restroom.
  5. Please do not leave your child with us if they are not comfortable staying with other people. If your child becomes upset when you leave and cannot be consoled within a few minutes, you will be called to come back for your child and charged for that time.
  6. Please consider leaving money for your child to purchase a drink or snack.  The money may be left with the staff.
  7. You must provide us with a cell phone number, and an emergency phone number, and the location of where you can be reached.
  8. In the event of an emergency or a problem with your child, you will be called. If you or your emergency contact does not respond to the phone call within ten minutes, a second phone call will be sent. If you do not respond to that phone call within ten minutes, we will need to notify the authorities. If your child requires immediate medical attention we will call 911 before we call you.
  9. You will be given a wristband to wear that matches your child’s. This wristband will allow you to enter the play center when you return. Without it, you will not be allowed through the security gate.
  10. You must come into the play center to pick up your child. We will not allow a child to leave the center without their parent/guardian.
  11. If someone else is going to be picking up your child, we must be given that information in writing before you leave your child with us. That person will need to show photo ID before we will release your child to them.